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Zombie Apocalypse Hatchet Axe

This Zombie Apocalypse Hatchet Axe is perfect for anyone who is looking for a great addition to their zombie apocalypse survival gear. The axe is made with a 12-inch blade that is perfect for chopping through wood and zombies alike.

The black leather sheath ensures that you can carry the axe with you wherever you go, and the included belt loop makes it easy to keep the axe within reach at all times.

  • The best choice for a zombie apocalypse hatchet
  • A custom-made, high-quality blade
  • A black leather sheath for protection and durability
  • An axe that is perfect for both tactical and harvesting purposes


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Zombie Apocalypse Hatchet Axe
Zombie Apocalypse Hatchet Axe


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