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WS Game Company Clue Luxury Edition

This WS Game Company Clue Luxury Edition features a beautifully crafted wood cabinet with burled veneer panels and decorative metal plaques. Under the tempered glass top, 3-dimensional mansion rooms display the characters, weapons, and clues used in the game.

The wood character movers have plated die cast bases, and the plated die cast weapons include a knife, candlestick, revolver, rope, lead pipe, and wrench. A faux leather storage box holds all of the game components. The gold foil-stamped cards and solution envelope add an elegant touch to this classic mystery game.

  • A classic game with a luxurious twist
  • An elegant addition to any game room
  • A fun and challenging way to spend an evening with friends or family
  • A great way to test your detective skills


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WS Game Company Clue Luxury Edition
WS Game Company Clue Luxury Edition


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