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WOW Double Ducky 2 Rider Towable

The WOW Double Ducky 2 Rider Towable offers an exciting way to experience the joy of tubing.

This two-person towable has been designed with a flat base and secure deck seating, so you can enjoy a smooth ride over the water with minimal drag on your boat. Its extra-high backrest and sidewalls provide riders with added security, while its durable construction ensures years of fun on the waves.

Get ready for some thrilling rides this summer when you take out the WOW Double Ducky 2 Rider Towable!

  • Maximum capacity of 340 lbs. or 154kg for up to 2 riders
  • Secure deck seating provides an extra high backrest and sidewalls
  • Reinforced front and back tow points with quick connection features
  • Durable materials and construction ensure a safe, comfortable ride every time


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WOW Double Ducky 2 Rider Towable
WOW Double Ducky 2 Rider Towable


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