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Wooden Pencil Organizer Whale

Giving away a Wooden Pencil Organizer Whale is a great way to help your children stay organized. This product is uniquely designed and handmade by the manufacturer, so you know it will be of high quality.

The organizer has enough space to store crayons, pencils, brushes, chalk and felt pens in one place. It’s also perfect for both young and adults to develop their drawing skills without creating a mess on the table. With this Wooden Pencil Organizer Whale, you won’t have to worry about crayons scattered all over your kids’ table or in other rooms anymore!

  • Uniquely designed and handmade 100% by ourselves
  • A perfect stationery organizer for young and adults
  • Keep everything nice and tidy with no mess on the table
  • Solve the problem of crayons and pencils scattered all over kids table


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Wooden Pencil Organizer Whale
Wooden Pencil Organizer Whale
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