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Wooden Ferris Wheel Building Kit

Our Wooden Ferris Wheel Building Kit is the perfect way to bring your family together! With no additional tools required, this wooden building kit provides a fun and educational experience for all ages. Create a miniature version of the iconic Ferris wheel right in your own home – watch as your children’s eyes light up with amazement and curiosity as they construct this classic amusement park ride.

Assemble pieces that fit together just like a puzzle, providing an exciting challenge for both kids and adults alike! This unique activity encourages creativity and problem-solving skills while also teaching valuable lessons about engineering and physics.

  • A perfect toy for both adults and children alike
  • Develops fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, cognitive ability, problem-solving skills and imagination
  • Improve communication skills by way of asking for help
  • Fun yet educational experience with the opportunity to paint the parts for added creativity


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Wooden Ferris Wheel Building Kit
Wooden Ferris Wheel Building Kit
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