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Women’s GrandPrø Topspin Sneaker

The Women’s GrandPrø Topspin Sneaker is a great gift idea for anyone looking to add an extra touch of style and comfort to their wardrobe.

This classic court sneaker features a traditional sachetto construction with crafted welt, GRANDFØAM midsole, luxe leather uppers and an anatomical sockliner for superior fit and comfort. The lightweight design ensures that the wearer won’t feel weighed down while they’re on the go, making this a perfect choice for those who value both fashion and function in their footwear.

Additionally, the padding in the heel adds extra cushioning so that feet stay comfortable all day long. All of these features make it an ideal present for any occasion!

  • Stylish design featuring leather and suede accents
  • GRANDFØAM footbed for extra cushioning and support
  • Ventilation system ensures breathability
  • Lightweight, EVA midsole for superior cushioning and durability


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Women’s GrandPrø Topspin Sneaker
Women’s GrandPrø Topspin Sneaker
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