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White Mushrooms Lamp

Be enchanted by the White Mushrooms Lamp, a truly unique piece of art. Perfectly crafted with hand-modeled mushrooms and a moss-covered branch, this lamp stands out in any room. It features 5 white mushrooms with a purple pattern and a green luminous crystal that adds an enchanting touch to your space.

The sculpture is sealed with an environmentally friendly acrylic protective coating and equipped with LED lighting.

Bring some magic into your life and light up your home with this beautiful White Mushrooms Lamp!

  • Unique and beautiful design – perfect for any home or office décor
  • Hand-crafted with high-quality materials for a luxurious look
  • Features LED lighting, powered by 2 AA batteries
  • Compact size (14 cm x 21 cm) requiring minimal space


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White Mushrooms Lamp
White Mushrooms Lamp
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