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Whiskey Vault

Secure your precious spirits collection with the Whiskey Vault.

Constructed from solid steel plate and a bullet-proof front window, this state-of-the-art security system is powered by an electronic lock system and secured with three 25mm vault door locking bolts.

With space for up to 21 bottles of premium whiskey, as well as a dark, sinister burnt teak cabinet or original teak cabinet that holds up to 21 bottles of daily sippers plus glassware, you can have peace of mind knowing each drop is safe and sound.

Get clever protection for your most prized possessions today with the Whiskey Vault!

  • An aesthetically pleasing and secure way to store your favorite spirits
  • Hand-built for each individual order
  • A large capacity of up to 21 bottles per shelf
  • Built with a durable material that ensures your collection will remain safe and sound


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Whiskey Vault
Whiskey Vault


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