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Waterfalls & Rainforest Hike Maui, HI

Join us on a guided Waterfalls & Rainforest Hike through Maui’s stunning rainforest and see some of the most beautiful waterfalls on the island! Our experienced guides will take you to hidden gems that most tourists never get to see. Swimming in natural pools beneath the waterfalls is an experience you’ll never forget!

  • Knowledgeable and friendly guides; experience provider has more than 35 years of experience providing award-winning eco-tours on Maui
  • Hike through 2.5 miles of breathtaking terrain, including stops at 3 to 5 waterfalls ranging from 10 – 40 feet
  • Swim, shower under the falls and if you’re feeling adventurous, jump off volcanic ledges into Maui’s clear water pools!


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Waterfalls & Rainforest Hike Maui, HI
Waterfalls & Rainforest Hike Maui, HI
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