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VSSL JAVA Coffee Grinder

Get the perfect cup of coffee anytime, anywhere with VSSL JAVA Coffee Grinder.

This powerful and easy-to-use coffee grinder features 50 unique grind settings to help you achieve the ideal consistency for your chosen brew method – from espresso to French press.

The extended grinder handle and ergonomic grip make it effortless to grind 20g of beans in under a minute, so you can enjoy freshly ground coffee wherever you go.

Enjoy premium flavor and aroma for a perfect cup of joe every time!

  • Aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel construction for maximum durability
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design perfect for travel or home use
  • Internal storage capacity of up to 20g for a single cup of coffee
  • Ultra-smooth grinding with premium ball bearings and threadless end-cap


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VSSL JAVA Coffee Grinder
VSSL JAVA Coffee Grinder
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