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Virtual Tarot Reading

Gifting a Virtual Tarot Reading to someone is an amazing way to show them that you care, no matter how far apart you are.

Connect with your loved ones and gain a deeper connection to everyday magic – no matter how far apart you are – with this insightful Tarot Reading!

You will receive a Zoom link before your reading so that you can participate with your friends and family even if you live hundreds of miles away.

  • Get ready for an illuminating online experience with 15-minute readings per person
  • Receive personal messages with friendly and experienced tarot card readers
  • Enjoy an intention-setting guided meditation to get the most out of your reading
  • Choose a group event, a session with your partner, or a one-on-one reading
  • Learn more about yourself and your journey with this fantastic Tarot Reading!


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Virtual Tarot Reading
Virtual Tarot Reading
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