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Viofo A229 Duo Dual Dash Cam

The Viofo A229 Duo Dual Dash Cam is an ideal gift for any driver looking to increase their protection on the road.

Its dual channel recording capability featuring two Quad HD 2K high-resolution cameras provides enhanced safety protection with up to 30FPS recording, allowing drivers to easily capture license plate numbers and provide evidence in case of an accident or harassment from another car.

The Sony STARVIS IMX335 5MP sensors, F1.6 aperture lens and WDR technology also help ensure clear images even at night, making it perfect for anyone wanting a reliable dash cam that can keep them safe while driving.

  • Auto Event Detection mode for added security and convenience
  • Large 2.4 inch HD display for a more direct effortless view
  • Sony STARVIS IMX335 5MP front and rear cams for high-resolution images
  • Multiple language voice notifications to confirm settings and alert you of events


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Viofo A229 Duo Dual Dash Cam
Viofo A229 Duo Dual Dash Cam
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