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Vintage Movie Reels Prints Set

This listing is for Vintage Movie Reels Prints Set on luster paper of an old vintage Italian Technicolor Movie reel and tin case. These photos will be printed with love on premium finish photo paper that won\’t curl or yellow over time. These prints are created with printers that expose the light-sensitive paper, resulting in real photographs, not inkjet prints. It will be shipped safely to you in rigid and moisture-resistant packaging.

  •  Materials: kodak endura paper, art, metal, paper, love, imagination, creativity, texture.
  •  The actual prints that you will receive will not have any watermarks at the bottom.
  •  Frames mats or mounting hardware are not included.
  •  You are only purchasing the actual photograph.


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Vintage Movie Reels Prints Set
Vintage Movie Reels Prints Set
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