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Vintage Coconut Shell Bedside Lamp

With this handcrafted Vintage Coconut Shell Bedside Lamp, you can give your living room a distinctive and rustic feel.

It is a deft combination of wrought iron and real coconut shell, fusing vintage design cues with contemporary simplicity to create a striking piece that is likely to be the focal point of any interior design.

Every room in your house will feel cozier thanks to its vintage charm, and it is a classic addition thanks to its unusual shape and graceful lines.

This one-of-a-kind lamp will brighten the night and add a touch of Nordic design to your home.

  • Elegant lines and distinctive shape for a vintage charm
  • Made of iron and coconut shell for durability
  • Compact size to fit in any space
  • Warm light (2700k) to provide an inviting atmosphere


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Vintage Coconut Shell Bedside Lamp
Vintage Coconut Shell Bedside Lamp
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