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Vino Spooky Bat Wine Opener

Vino is the spookiest bat wine opener you’ll ever meet! This fun and functional kitchen tool is perfect for anyone who loves to open a bottle of wine with ease. Its durable wings and sharp fang make it easy to pop open your favorite bottles of beer or wine. Plus, it’s sure to be a hit as a housewarming gift or new home gift idea this season. Make Vino part of your collection today and enjoy popping open bottles with style!

  • Durable wings and sharp fang open corks quickly and easily
  • Functional design makes it an ideal home gift idea
  • Made from high-quality silicone and metal, BPA-free and rust resistant
  • Enjoy your drinks with a novelty opener that sets your sesh alight!


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Vino Spooky Bat Wine Opener
Vino Spooky Bat Wine Opener
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