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Vantum Gaming Chair

The Vantum Gaming Chair is the perfect gift for any gamer looking to take their gaming experience to the next level.

This chair has been designed with extensive research and expertise, providing superior ergonomic support and adjustability that ensures every player can stay comfortable while playing for longer periods of time. Its design allows for versatility and performance, giving gamers the ability to perform, play, browse or simply relax without straining their bodies.

With an adjustable height range up to 5”, armrests that move forward/backward/up/down and a tilt mechanism with infinite locking positions, this chair offers maximum comfort tailored specifically for your body type so you can reach peak performance in all your favorite games.

  • Advanced ergonomic design for optimal gaming performance
  • Adjustable headrest and thoracic support pad for superior comfort
  • Breathable suspension fabric ensures lasting comfort
  • Three distinct colorways to match any gaming setup


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Vantum Gaming Chair
Vantum Gaming Chair
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