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Valentine’s Day Marshmallow Friends

Add a little love to your home with these sweet and magical Valentine’s Day Marshmallow Friends. Each marshmallow is skillfully crafted from fluffy, hand-mixed marshmallow and decorated with handmade clay heart sprinkles, faux chocolate topping, and a dash of glitter for extra sparkle. The perfect way to add some romance to your home or office space! With customization up to 10 letters without spaces available, you can personalize this unique gift for those special people in your life.

Bring some sweetness into the air this Valentine’s Day with these delicious Marshmallow Friends!

  • A unique and cute decoration for any home
  • Customizable with up to 10 letters for personalization
  • Adorable addition to tiered trays, coffee/cocoa station or any area of your home
  • Handmade with slight variations adding a unique charm to each item


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Valentine’s Day Marshmallow Friends
Valentine’s Day Marshmallow Friends
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