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UGears 460 Locomotive With Tender Model

Giving a UGears 460 Locomotive with Tender model as a gift is the perfect way to honor someone’s love of 19th-century technology and industry. Not only does it make an impressive and unique decoration, but it also serves as an educational tool that can teach recipients about the history of steam locomotives.

It is also great for evoking memories of classic films or stories involving the railways. The intricate design, realistic details, and smooth wooden construction will be sure to impress anyone who receives this gift!

  • Driven by rubber bands and gear array
  • Locks and operates like a real steam engine
  • Working asynchronous pistons and valves
  • Moving system of rods, linkages, and cranks
  • Retractable step ladder, open-up Tinder Box
  • Step-by-step, easy to follow instructions


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UGears 460 Locomotive With Tender Model
UGears 460 Locomotive With Tender Model
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