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Tropical Terrarium Kit for Teens

With the CRAFTIVITY Tropical Terrarium, you can create your own little corner of paradise! Everything you need to create a beautiful tropical landscape is included in this comprehensive kit.

Grow the low-maintenance polka dot plant (Hypoestes) from the provided seeds, and for an exotic appearance, add succulents and a golden pineapple. To give your terrarium a polished appearance, layer various colored stones and sand. Additionally, show it out in style in the chic gold geometric plastic planting dish.

This tropical terrarium is an outstanding home accent that will enliven any desk or table and is ideal for teenagers!

  • Everything you need to grow your own tropical paradise
  • Learn container gardening techniques
  • Great room decor accessory to add color to any desk or table
  • Easy-to-grow polka dot plant seeds perfect for teens and tweens


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Tropical Terrarium Kit for Teens
Tropical Terrarium Kit for Teens
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