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Toyota Land Cruiser 4WD RC Car

The Toyota Land Cruiser 4WD RC Car is the perfect gift for anyone who loves RC cars and wants to explore the outdoor and indoor world at their fingertips.

Not only does it have an incredibly realistic design, with period-correct lights and functioning indicators, but also features waterproof electronics that make it a great choice for any weather condition.

Furthermore, its power makes it capable of tackling off-road terrain such as rocky mountains or desert sands. The interior is even detailed in 1:18 scale, making this car an ideal present for Toyota fans and collectors alike.

Overall, this radio-controlled vehicle offers a thrilling experience along with plenty of entertainment value to last your recipient years of playtime!

  • Durable and robust chassis for maximum axle articulation
  • High-traction tires with 1.0-inch internal bead lock wheels for better crawling
  • Climbing angle of 42° and high torque transmission with 104:1 FDL for better performance
  • Water-resistant electronics for high power-to-weight ratio and all-weather operations


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Toyota Land Cruiser 4WD RC Car
Toyota Land Cruiser 4WD RC Car
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