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Tiyafuro Hanging Trash

Gifting a Tiyafuro Hanging Trash can is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to save space, keep their home and kitchen tidy, and make cleaning up easier. The unique lid with built-in scraper makes it easy to clean up trash without getting hands dirty while reusable grocery bags fit right in the lid so that they don’t fall off.

Plus, the 2.4 Gallon capacity meets most families’ daily need and its horizontal opening design ensures garbage won’t spill out easily – making this an ideal gift for any household or even for those who live in dorms or tiny apartments!

  • Odorless storage for kitchen waste – no charcoal filters needed
  • Easy to install hanging system included
  • Perfectly-sized for kitchen countertop or fits under sink
  • High density polypropylene is non-toxic, sturdy and durable


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Tiyafuro Hanging Trash
Tiyafuro Hanging Trash


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