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Tiny Traveler Set

The Tiny Traveler Set is a great gift idea for pet owners who are always on the go!

This set includes all the essentials needed to take their furry friend along, including a travel carrier designed for safety, comfort and convenience; stylish and durable walk gear; and Groov’s calming effect that helps keep pets comfortable during the journey.

Not only will this set make it easier to bring your pet along on adventures, but it also provides an incredible 30% savings for a limited time – making it an even more appealing gift option.

  • Five-star crash test rated for safety and comfort during travel
  • Quick and clean waste management on the go
  • Soft-touch coated nylon leash and collar that resists odor and moisture
  • No-tear tissue-style poop bags that dispense effortlessly with one hand


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Tiny Traveler Set
Tiny Traveler Set
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