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The TILT Lamp is a great gift idea because it is an innovative and interactive way of experiencing light. The lamp’s philosophy stems from the Japanese term Ikigai, which emphasizes the value of every moment in life.

With its simple design and electronics, the tilt switch transforms a static object into something with a unique energy that will make any mundane task more interesting. It is also practical as well as playful, making it perfect for those who appreciate functionality without compromising on style or fun.

Giving someone the TILT Lamp is a thoughtful way to add some extra Ikigai to their life and remind them that even small moments hold value.

  • A playful and practical lamp design for a unique user experience
  • An engaging way to turn on light with tilt switch
  • Japanese-inspired philosophy of Ikigai to make mundane moments interesting
  • Exploit the possibilities of light by adding interactivity and energy to your home


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