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TIFGALOP T88 E-Scooter 5600W Dual Drive

The TIFGALOP T88 E-Scooter is an ultra-powerful electric scooter that is perfect for any terrain. This scooter features two powerful motors with front and rear dual drives, allowing you to reach speeds of up to 45~50MPH. It also has 11-inch thick off-road tires that provide superior durability and stability.

Additionally, it comes with a 60V 33AH large capacity lithium battery that can travel 48~60 miles per charge, giving you longer distances on each ride! Furthermore, the reinforced frame structure can bear 300 kg and comes with a bold 3-bar shock absorber for more comfortable rides.

Experience ultimate performance on any terrain with the TIFGALOP T88 E-Scooter 5600W Dual Drive!

  • 50MPH max speed and 60 mile max range for a thrilling and long distance ride
  • Dual dynamic LED headlights provide superior visibility while riding in the dark
  • Powerful motor of 60V/2800W*2 ensures a smooth ride
  • Complete package includes scooter, power adapter chargers, keys and user manual


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TIFGALOP T88 E-Scooter 5600W Dual Drive
TIFGALOP T88 E-Scooter 5600W Dual Drive


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