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Tidbyt is the perfect way to stay connected while staying stylish. This smart and compact device effortlessly fits into any room, with its solid walnut enclosure. Easily control it from your phone or tablet to check the weather, track stock tickers, follow sports teams and even create your own apps.

With Tidbyt you can quickly get up-to-date information without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. Its adjustable brightness allows you to customize it for any environment, whether it’s day or night mode, so you’ll always have access to the data you need when you need it.

Make a statement with Tidbyt today!

  • Use your phone to adjust brightness, put it in night mode, or have it rise and set with the sun.
  • Create custom apps and projects with the display
  • Write your own apps, flash your own firmware, and even reuse the display for your next side project.
  • Never miss a song by showing whats playing from Spotify
  • Dinner with family during the game? No worries, see all your live scores and stats at a glance.


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