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Therapy Fidget Board in Shape of Truck

Keep your loved one occupied and engaged in meaningful activities with our Therapy Fidget Board in Shape of Truck. It is designed to help with dementia, Alzheimer’s and autism.

This wooden sensory board comes with latch and locks that can be manipulated to keep hands busy. The bright colors will capture their attention while working on fine motor skills, visual perception skills, cognitive abilities and more!

With this great tool, you can help improve the quality of life for your loved one by providing them a fun way to stay active.

  • Variety of activities to stimulate the mind and keep hands busy
  • Customizable photo doors with locks for increased engagement
  • High-quality materials that are safe and durable
  • Unique shape makes it a fun, tactile experience for all ages


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Therapy Fidget Board in Shape of Truck
Therapy Fidget Board in Shape of Truck
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