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Therapeutic Teddy Bear for Anxiety

Looking for a way to relax and soothe your nerves? Our Therapeutic Teddy Bear for Anxiety is a perfect choice. Specially designed to be aesthetically pleasing as well as comforting. Each bear is a jointed teddy bear with extremely soft, cuddly fur, a hand-sewn nose and your choice of paw color.

These bears are very well made but due to their joints and the added weight, they are not meant to be thrown around or rough-housed with. They were made for cuddling and resting peacefully.

  • Bear: 16 inches tall
  • Materials: All-New, Polyester, Cotton, Polyethylene Beads, Steel Shot
  • Eyes: Plastic
  • Nose: Hand-sewn
  • Golden heart-shaped rivet affixed to the upper right chest, to ensure Authenticity
  • Custom weighted at 3 lb., 4 lb. or 5 lb.
  • Ribbon to match paws
  • Designed in the USA : Handmade overseas
  • Weighted & final touches added in Chester Springs Pa., USA
  • Lovingly sealed in a resealable bag & wrapped in tissue Paper


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Therapeutic Teddy Bear for Anxiety
Therapeutic Teddy Bear for Anxiety


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