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The Endolith – Preserved Moss Terrarium

Add a touch of nature to any room with The Endolith! This desktop-grade, preserved moss terrarium is a unique way to bring the beauty of nature indoors. With its sleek, glass door and silicone opener, this terrarium is easy to open and close for maintenance.

Our ZERO Mosses are 100% real and were grown in a greenhouse until they reached peak health before being freeze-dried and preserved. They look fresh, soft to the touch, and lively for many years without needing water or maintenance – breathe life into your home with The Endolith!

  • Unique, sculptural display grade ZERO Moss wall – no maintenance needed
  • Seamless glass door with a silicone opener for easy viewing
  • Upgrade option available with TerraLight 2.0 display lamp with wooden base
  • Easy maintenance instructions – keep indoor closed at all times and avoid direct sunlight


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The Endolith – Preserved Moss Terrarium
The Endolith – Preserved Moss Terrarium
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