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T-Rex Dinosaur Transport Truck

The T-Rex Dinosaur Transport Truck is a great gift idea for any young dinosaur enthusiast. Not only does it feature an incredibly realistic simulated T-rex head, giving the truck a cool look, but its large size allows for plenty of room to capture multiple dinosaurs.

The truck comes with 8 realistic dinosaur figures – two medium Tyrannosaurus dinosaurs and six mini other dinosaurs. To make playtime even more fun, there’s also a dinosaur theme playmat measuring 70*80cm that enables 2-3 kids to build their own world of dinos.

With this set, children can enjoy hours of imaginative play as they explore the prehistoric era and capture their favorite creatures.

  • Create an engaging dinosaur world – perfect for imaginative play
  • Durable and safe materials for long-lasting fun
  • Large enough to accommodate 2-3 kids at once
  • Perfect gift for any occasion – suitable for boys and girls aged 3-7


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T-Rex Dinosaur Transport Truck
T-Rex Dinosaur Transport Truck


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