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Swarovski Snowman Family Figurine

A festive family piece, this Swarovski Snowman Family Figurine is both decorative and endearing. Evoking childhood memories of snow and snowman-building, the bodies are crafted in sparkling clear crystal with black, red, orange and gold tone details. With 658 facets in total, they are a sparkling addition to any festive collection, especially with other snowy crystal pieces. Ideal for a family with a newborn baby or young child.

  • Sparkling clear crystal with black, red, orange and gold-tone details
  • 658 facets in total for a festive collection
  • Ideal to commemorate the arrival of a newborn baby or young child
  • Decoration object for a chic and stylish look


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Swarovski Snowman Family Figurine
Swarovski Snowman Family Figurine
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