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Super Mario All Star Yoshi Stuffed Plush

Introducing the Super Mario All-Star Yoshi Stuffed Plush! This soft and snuggly character from the popular Super Mario series is sure to keep you company with his bright green color, signature long neck, and cute eyes. He comes with a sturdy felt shell that can be used to store small items like coins or keys in style. His soft stuffing makes him perfect for cuddling during movie night or bedtime stories.

With his charming design, this Yoshi stuffed plush will bring joy and laughter into any home!

  • Soft and cuddly Yoshi plush for comfort and fun
  • Perfect for playing, collecting, or displaying
  • Features accurate details from the video game series
  • Durable construction to last through playtime and beyond


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Super Mario All Star Yoshi Stuffed Plush
Super Mario All Star Yoshi Stuffed Plush
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