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Sunflower Throw Pillow

The Sunflower Throw Pillow is the perfect gift idea for anyone who loves to decorate their home. Its 17.7 x 17.7 inch size makes it ideal for adding a bit of charm and color to any chair, sofa or bedding set, while its polyester construction ensures durability and longevity so that the recipient can enjoy it for many years to come.

With eight different colors available, you can pick one that perfectly suits the recipient’s style or order several to create an eye-catching collection of pillows in their favorite shades!

  • Adds charm and character to any chair, sofa, or bed
  • Made from high-quality polyester for durability
  • Comes in 8 colors to perfectly match your space
  • Easy installation with insert included in the package


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Sunflower Throw Pillow
Sunflower Throw Pillow
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