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Steel Mill & Co Cute Mini Spiral Notebook

The Steel Mill & Co Cute Mini Spiral Notebook is a perfect gift idea for any occasion, as it is designed with both practicality and aesthetics in mind.

The durable hardcover features rose floral accents and a double-sided storage pocket to keep notes organized. Its wire-o binding allows the pages to be wrapped around for on-the-go use or to lie completely flat when opened, making it ideal for taking notes during meetings or classes.

Additionally, the sturdy cover protects interior pages while traveling, ensuring that your gift will have lasting value and convenience. This spiral notebook truly has something special to offer everyone!

  • High-quality pages that can handle any type of ink without bleed-through
  • Durable hardcover with a storage pocket for easy organization
  • Wire-o binding allows for on-the-go use or lying flat when opened
  • Compact size fits into purses, backpacks, and travel bags


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Steel Mill & Co Cute Mini Spiral Notebook
Steel Mill & Co Cute Mini Spiral Notebook
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