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Steampunk-Inspired Suitcase

Get ready to travel back in time with this unique steampunk-inspired suitcase.

Crafted from faux leather and wood, this suitcase is perfect for any steampunk enthusiast looking to add an extra touch of style to their look. It has adjustable straps and a complex brass locking mechanism that make it simple to carry your essentials in style.

This vintage luggage is sure to draw attention, whether you’re using it as a prop in a photo shoot or cosplay event or just want to flaunt your love of the genre.

  • Stand out with a unique steampunk suitcase design
  • Perfect size to use as display or casual use
  • Great way to add an extra dimension to photoshoots and cosplay events
  • Durable construction that will last through all your adventures


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Steampunk-Inspired Suitcase
Steampunk-Inspired Suitcase
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