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Sonus Faber Omnia Wireless Speaker

The Sonus Faber Omnia Wireless Speaker is the perfect gift for any audiophile or music lover. Its sleek, organic design features a wooden top panel in walnut or graphite with touch-sensitive controls, giving it an attractive display-worthy look.

The interior offers a four-way speaker setup with 490 Watts of power to fill the room with clear sound. It also includes two-channel ARC-compatible HDMI port, Ethernet connection, and an analog input with a built-in phono stage for connecting to turntables.

This combination of sophisticated design and powerful tech makes the Sonus Faber Omnia Wireless Speaker an ideal choice as a gift that will be appreciated by anyone who enjoys high-quality audio.

  • High-quality audio with advanced signal processing technology
  • Versatile connectivity options include HDMI, Ethernet, Bluetooth, and WiFi
  • Compact design with a low weight of just 16.75 lb.
  • Powerful 490 W power rating means you get more sound for your money


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Sonus Faber Omnia Wireless Speaker
Sonus Faber Omnia Wireless Speaker


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