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Sonic’s Sharp Skateboard In Blue

Experience Sonic’s epic speed with Sonic’s Sharp Skateboard in Blue! This highly detailed full-function 2.4 GHz RC celebrates the groundbreaking Sonic Free Riders video game and features wireless full-function radio control, allowing you to take Sonic on a wild ride wherever you go.

With its incredibly fast and agile performance, the 2.4 GHz transmitter allows for unparalleled range and the ability to race up to 16 vehicles simultaneously. And with an easy-to-use turbo boost button, you can help Sonic reach even higher speeds as he skates across the finish line! Get ready for a thrilling adventure – it’s time to join forces with your favorite blue hedgehog and get racing!

  • Rubber tires for grip and traction for tricks and stunts
  • Adjustable front wheel alignment for improved control
  • Fun and easy to use button-style controller


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Sonic’s Sharp Skateboard In Blue
Sonic’s Sharp Skateboard In Blue
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