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Soliom Bird Feeder Camera

Get birdwatching with the Soliom Bird Feeder Camera – the perfect way to keep an eye on your feathered friends. Featuring a metal case with piano paint coating for increased durability against outside weather, this feeder has a transparent side and front window so you can see every bit of activity happening in real time. Plus, its large-size feeder fits all sizes of birds and greatly reduces the food refilling job. With a solid metal case that prevents squirrel biting, this smart bird feeder camera is sure to give you an entertaining and cleverly-crafted experience as you observe nature at work!

  • The metal case with piano paint coating is more durable for the yard outside weather.
  • The transparent side and front window with food will be more attractive for birds.
  • The large-size feeder fits all sizes of birds and greatly reduces the food refilling job.
  • The solid metal case is good for preventing squirrel biting.


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Soliom Bird Feeder Camera
Soliom Bird Feeder Camera
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