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Smooth & Soothe Pedicure in Palo Alto

Time to give your feet the break they have been looking for with this classic Smooth & Soothe Pedicure in Palo Alto! Treat your feet to a relaxing and energizing treatment during this experience.

  • Start off by soaking your feet in a soothing foot bath followed by an energizing exfoliation to brighten and soften the skin
  • Your feet and legs will experience a delicious fragrant treatment for your feet, legs and calves using the softening pure essence of organic Bulgarian roses
  • Enjoy a warm dip by soaking you in a luxurious rose essence foot bath, remove your calluses and dry skin, scrub feet, legs and calves with the decadent rose scrub to leave your feet looking and feeling beautiful!



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Smooth & Soothe Pedicure in Palo Alto
Smooth & Soothe Pedicure in Palo Alto
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