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Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

Take control of your home comfort with Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat. This advanced thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature of your HVAC system from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet or computer.

With features like flexible scheduling, remote access, geofencing and usage notifications, you can conveniently monitor your energy efficiency and save money on utilities. Plus, its compatibility with smart home platforms like Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant make it easy to integrate into any connected home setup.

Enjoy complete control over your heating and cooling needs with Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat!

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Compatible with smart home platforms
  • Monitor usage from anywhere
  • Smart alerts help protect your home from extreme temperatures


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Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat
Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat


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