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Saturn Lamp with 16 Colors

Looking for a way to add some counter space to your living room? Look no further than this Saturn lamp with 16 colors! Made using my in-house 3D printers and comes in a gorgeous white color. The sphere is about 5 inches in diameter with a ring size of about 10 inches. It fits neatly on shelves, desks, and end tables.

This stunning lamp is perfect for adding some flair and personality to your living room. It’s made from high-quality and environmentally friendly PLA plastic and comes in 16 different colors. It fits perfectly on any end table, desk or shelf and is easily adjustable with a small amount of effort.

Comes with:

  • A wooden stand
  • Built-in 16 Color LED Light
  • Remote with a variety of light changing features
  • USB charging cable (wall power adapter ‘cube’ NOT included)


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Saturn Lamp with 16 Colors
Saturn Lamp with 16 Colors


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