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Running Phone Arm Pouch

Elevate your running experience with the unique Running Phone Arm Pouch, meticulously crafted to merge style with functionality.

Featuring a triangular-hole breathable arm strap, it ensures optimal ventilation, keeping discomfort at bay, even during intense workouts. With its sensitive touchscreen interface, accessing your device becomes seamless, allowing you to control your music or track your progress effortlessly. Engineered to wick away sweat, the pouch’s breathable material promises a dry and comfortable fit throughout your journey.

More than just a storage solution, it’s a testament to innovative design, ensuring that you run with convenience and flair.

  • Size(S): Suitable for phones 5.0-6.1 inch
  • Size(L): Suitable for phones 6.5-6.8 inch
  • Arm circumference: 7.5-15.0 inch


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Running Phone Arm Pouch
Running Phone Arm Pouch
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