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RS2 Dining Foosball Table

Enjoy the best of both worlds with the RS2 Dining Foosball Table. This unique piece of furniture combines a classic foosball table with a sturdy dining table, bringing together the fun and entertainment of foosball with the convenience of a dinner or lunch table.

Perfect for any room in your house, this stylish piece features eight strikers on each side and is handcrafted from durable materials to ensure it stands up to hours of intense play.

With its eye-catching design and convenient features, the RS2 Dining Foosball Table is sure to be a hit amongst family and friends!

  • Combines gastronomy, playtime and design in one product
  • Offers a unique experience at the dining table
  • Choice of teams, lineup and field color
  • Enjoy dynamic game play due to concave field design


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RS2 Dining Foosball Table
RS2 Dining Foosball Table


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