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Rosh Hashanah Apple & Honey Dish Set

The Rosh Hashanah Apple & Honey Dish Set is an ideal gift for celebrating the Jewish New Year. Not only does the exquisite craftsmanship and gleaming silver tone metal finish add a touch of elegance to your table, but it also symbolizes the traditional custom of dipping apples in honey which represents hope for a sweet and fruitful new year.

It’s both decorative and meaningful, making it a perfect addition to any Rosh Hashanah table. Furthermore, this set is easy to clean and use, so you can enjoy its beauty without having to worry about its maintenance.

With this thoughtful present, you’ll be sure to bring inimitable style and class into your celebration of the New Year!

  • Enhance your holiday table with elegant symbolism
  • Intricately designed apple-shaped dish and matching spoon
  • Cherished and practical gift for any host or hostess
  • Joyful way to share the spirit of Rosh Hashanah with loved ones


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Rosh Hashanah Apple & Honey Dish Set
Rosh Hashanah Apple & Honey Dish Set
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