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Revolution InstaGLO R270

Revolution Cooking transformed breakfast time with the launch of its smart technology toaster and now, with the InstaGLO R270, it takes more leaps and bounds innovating the market.

Not only does this latest appliance toast bread in a fraction of the time – locking in flavor and producing your preferred browning and level of crispness – it now offers 34 different bread options, including gluten-free. The intuitive touchscreen has been upgraded to customize your 10 favorite bread types for stylish automation to match its sleek platinum finish.

From bread and bagels to waffles, English muffins and toaster pastries, this toaster – hand assembled and individually tested to ensure superior performance – has your every toasting whim covered.

  • Choose from 34 bread types, including gluten-free, to personalize your top 10 favorites.
  • Up to 7 toasting shades and 3 toasting modes let you select the exact shade and level of crispness you desire.
  • 368 precise settings – no double toasting required.
  • Intuitive touchscreen offers simple interface


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Revolution InstaGLO R270
Revolution InstaGLO R270
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