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RDX Boxing Gloves

The RDX Boxing Gloves make a great gift idea because they are designed with multiple features to ensure a comfortable and safe training experience.

The Quadro Dome 3 padding disperses the force of impact across the pre-curved anatomical structure for added comfort, while the patent-pending LOMA Tech design in the palm and thumb area helps create an improved alignment between fist and thumb, allowing users to form a perfect fist and punch better.

Additionally, these gloves are available in multiple sizes which makes them suitable for any age group or skill level.

  • Advanced caliber Maya Hide ConvEX Skin Leather for long-term durability
  • Hook and loop Fastener straps for easy on/off and secure fit
  • Full wraparound wrist strap for better support
  • Dual stitching for increased resilience and strength


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RDX Boxing Gloves
RDX Boxing Gloves
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