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Rado Racks Skateboard Longboard Wall Rack

The Rado Racks Skateboard and Longboard Wall Rack is a storage solution that gets the job done! This wall rack is as strong as it is attractive. It has been tested to support up to 120lbs. The Skateboard and Longboard Rack also comes with two accessories hooks at the bottom for hold helmets, kneepads, or whatever gear you need. The wall rack works just as well for shortboards as it does longboards. In fact, you can feel free to mix and match any type of board you like. Additionally, this rack is also great for other boards you may have too like snowboards. Feel free to combine all the boards you have on this versatile rack.

  •  The unique wall mounting system makes it easy to install.
  •  Forgiving design means you can adjust it as needed.
  •  Holds a variety of boards.
  •  Easy to use and looks great.



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Rado Racks Skateboard Longboard Wall Rack
Rado Racks Skateboard Longboard Wall Rack
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