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Private Wedding Planning Workshop

Gifting a Private Wedding Planning Workshop to someone is an amazing way to show your support and help them bring their wedding dreams to life with ease.

This 2-hour online workshop offers step-by-step instructions on how to plan a wedding in an efficient and stress-free manner, so the recipient can enjoy the process instead of feeling overwhelmed.

With personalized guidance from an experienced professional wedding planner, they will receive all the information needed for creating the perfect wedding while staying within budget.

The workshop covers everything from selecting a date and theme, choosing venues and vendors, managing the guest list, and much more – making it truly invaluable for anyone planning their special day!

  • Enjoy one-on-one guidance from an experienced professional wedding planner
  • Meet for two hours over high-quality live video in the comfort of your own home
  • Walk through the entire planning process, step-by-step for a stress-free wedding
  • Ask specific questions – from budgets to guest lists – for a customized experience
  • Plan your wedding with complete confidence for an unforgettable celebration!


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Private Wedding Planning Workshop
Private Wedding Planning Workshop
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