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Private Surfing Lesson in Santa Barbara

The Private Surfing Lesson in Santa Barbara is a great gift for anyone looking to try out an exciting new activity!

The lessons take place at beautifully groomed beaches with sandy bottoms and calm waves, perfect for beginner and experienced surfers alike. The soft top surfboards provide more stability and buoyancy than traditional fiberglass boards, offering a safe environment for learning.

With personalized instruction that can be customized to your skill level, you’ll learn the basics of surfing or refine existing techniques in just 90 minutes.

Whether it’s a one-on-one lesson or a group session with friends, this is the perfect way to spend any day in Southern California!

  • Professional and experienced surf instructors
  • Personalized 90-minute instruction for all levels of surfers
  • Friendly and enthusiastic teachers to make your experience enjoyable
  • Fully customizable lessons to meet your individual needs


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Private Surfing Lesson in Santa Barbara
Private Surfing Lesson in Santa Barbara
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