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Personalized Round Wall Clock

Add a personal touch to any room in your home with this Personalized Round Wall Clock. Crafted from quality materials, this wall clock is perfect for adding a unique, personalized style to your home décor. It features a round design you can customize with your own photo or artwork to give it that special touch.

An ideal gift for family and friends, this personalized wall clock is sure to be admired by all! With its classic look and timeless appeal, it’s sure to be an eye-catching conversation starter in any room.

  • High-quality construction and materials for a lasting, attractive clock
  • Available in two sizes to fit any space
  • Vibrant printing and design for an eye-catching look
  • Pre-installed backside slot and non-ticking design for easy installation and quiet operation


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Personalized Round Wall Clock
Personalized Round Wall Clock
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