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Paws & Pour Dog Box

The Paws & Pour Dog Box is a perfect gift idea for dog owners who want to spoil their furry friend.

The box is filled with 4-6 carefully curated items that are both fun and unique, such as dog toys, wine accessories, seasonal treats, and more. Not only will your pup love the goodies inside the box, but you’ll also get to enjoy some quality time together unwrapping and playing with all of the surprises!

Plus, having everything delivered right to your door makes it even easier to give this special present.

  • Unique and fun products for you and your dog every month
  • New, seasonal, and wine-themed products tailored to both you and your pet
  • Exclusive limited edition items
  • A portion of each box donated to animal rescue organizations


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Paws & Pour Dog Box
Paws & Pour Dog Box
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